Radarxense Software Defined Radar platform consists of the latest generation radar semiconductors allowing a fully integrated scalable and customised solution for various applications.

This 61 and 77 Ghz platform is small, rugged and has multiple interfacing options: CAN-bus, Ethernet or programmable I/O pins. The antenna array is designed in such a way that typical traffic and robotic applications can be covered. Some highlights/aspects/capabilities of the platform:

•  Rugged small housing

•  No need for heavy postprocessing, most is done internal

•  Due to universal platform ultra-scalable: with one platform, multiple applications can be covered

•  Based on the latest radar technology

•  57-64 GHz band allowed for industrial use

•  76 to 81 GHz band for road use/automotive

•  Full reconfigurability by software/firmware, even in the application

•  Long-range 100 m+

•  Configurations can run consequently (multimode)

•  Various outputs:  Range/speed/point cloud/Tracked data/Unprocessed raw data

•  Ethernet/CAN/IO interface

Applying different available processing IP-blocks results in different radar topologies like MIMO, SIMO and FMCW modulation schemes. Having the various IP blocks at hand, combined with the versatile antenna structure and several interfacing options, allows Radarxense to design optimised radar solutions with a limited develop time and short time to market.

High speed testing SDR platform

Antenna plot

A point cloud taken by the SDR radar (AGV/SLAM) application

The platform

Software defined radar for your project?