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Industrial solutions

IOT based radar systems

The new standard for industrial and agricultural radar sensor solutions

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Why worry about cables, power supplies and integration, if you can get it solved with just one smart system?


End to end

The hassle taken out of the datacollection


No wires

No power or data cabling needed


Easy installation

Small formfactor, all in one solution

End to end

The Spider platform consists of a smart hardware and cloud based architecture.

Measurement data is transferred to the cloud where the data can be unlocked through an API or visualized on a dedicated dashboard.

No wires

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The Spider system consists of a radar, a modem and batteries. This makes it extremely easy to use.
No worries about cable routing, no issues with data or connector compatibility, just install and ready.

Due to the extreme efficient power handling, the system can run up to 15 years without the need of battery replacement.

Easy installation

The system comes in a small housing of 120x120x50mm. On the back side it has 4 M5 mounting holes allowing a very easy mounting.

Since no cabling is required, installation time is brought down to a minimum.

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Lean on a decade of radar experience

Radarxense has its roots in radar and has succesfully developed radar solutions demanding applications like speed enforcement.

We’ve been around since 2011 and know what it takes to develop radar solutions.

Interested in adding hassle free
radar detection
to your systems?

Interested in adding hassle free radar detection to your systems?