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The Spiders are here

A versatile mmWave radar system to reduce the time to market significant

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The benefits of the Spider Technology


mmWave MIMO radar

The heart of the system is a state of the art mmWave based radar front-end. This technology enables a high resolution and a broad application range.


Software defined functionality

The system allows for an easy configuration in the field. By selecting the application in the cloud the system turns into an optimized radar for its specific tasks.


Ultra low power

The average power consumption is less then 1 Watt. This ultra low power implementation unlocks the use of a full tracking radar system in a wide variety of environments.


Cloud based calibration

No need to spend precious time when installing. The AI based algorithms in the cloud based Spider Core will take care of calibration and alignment

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Comparison with other technologies

The Spider platform is based on mmWave radar. The properties of this technology make it the technology of choice for demanding radar applications. A short comparison towards other technologies:

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Various cooperation models available

The flexible architecture, combined with its small form factor make the Spider concept also very suitable for full integration in other platforms or other OEM equipment.

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Our mmWave radar solutions

Next to the Spider platform our mmWave radar technology is also used in several other applications

speed enforcement

In-car speed enforcement solutions


Ultra fast & precise speed over ground measurement system

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