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The Spider is here

A uniform radar platform, cloud configurable

What makes the spider unique

The Spider platform is a fully integrated solution with the radar and the modem integrated in an ultra low power design enabling a wide variety of applications.

Road spider

The Road Spider has an optimized processing chain to detect mixed traffic. With its ultra high accuracy its intended application is induction loop replacement at traffic lights.

Targets lists are uploaded to the cloud and made available in real time (0.5 sec) to the user or traffic light controller. Due to its versatility the Road Spider can be easily adopted for other road applications.

Bike spider

Cycling is a sustainable way of transport which gains more and more popularity.

Radarxense has a specific Spider design which is capable of detecting and separating cyclists, even when they are cycling close together. Counting, Traffic Light activation, Vulnerable Road User warning, it can all be done with the Bike Spider

Rail spider

Rail infrastructure is very often in rural areas, adding sensors to this infrastructure can be a challenge.

The Rail Spider is a system which is optimized for detecting trains. With one system multiple tracks can be covered and its truly wireless installation makes deployment easy.

Silo spider

The Silo and Water Spider systems are based on a different narrow beam radar transceiver.

Powered by two small batteries, there is no need for any external cabling or solar panel. With an average life time of 10 years, these systems can be used for water level measurements or level measurements in agricultural or industrial silos and containers.

Diverse service package portfolio

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Seamless integration services

For applications and integrations which require bespoke cloud software or API’s, Radarxense offers the possibility to support customers with Software development.

The services vary from developing a simple dashboard to a full real-time integration of the Spider data into a customers environment.

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Radar system development

With the roots in speed traffic enforcement, Radarxense is still offering radar modules tailored for speed monitoring and speed enforcement systems.

Our flagship product is a mmWave in-car enforcement radar, allowing speed enforcement while driving.

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Extensive process know-how

With our roots in traffic radar we understand what it takes to bring radar solutions to the road. We understand the challenges and the needs of our customers and system integrators.

When Radarxense started the development of the Spider platform, the goal was not only radar performance. Factors like installation time, easy access to the data and an absolute minimum on disruption of traffic or daily operations have had an equal importance.

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Interested in adding hassle free
radar detection
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Interested in adding hassle free radar detection to your systems?