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Traffic solutions

The No-Worry radar implementations for traffic detection

Radar made easy


Add a truly integrated
radar solution today!


End to end

From radar detection to cloud, all in one small system


Truly non invasive

No need for power or data cables, just mount and ready


Easy installation

No need for precise outlining. Calibration is resolved in the cloud

End to end

The Spider platform is a mmWave radar based IOT traffic detector.
The solution is self-powered by a solar panel and has an LTE-M cellular modem to connect with the corresponding cloud solution.

No need to worry about about data cables and connections.

Truly non invasive

The spider platform has the ability to be completely solar powered. A small solar panel and a backup battery is all it takes to get it going. Therefore, it can be easily mounted on existing infrastructure.

For installations where solar power is not an option, a 12V connection remains also available.

Easy installation

The Spiders wide view of 110 degrees in combination with the automatic calibration procedure, allows for a quick installation.

An orientation of +/-10 degrees will be sufficient.

Add versatile detection to your traffic system
in 15 minutes

Adding sensors to your systems can be a pain: Electrical compatibilty issues, adjusting the existing infrastructure, road blocks to ensure safe installations are all costly and time consuming matters.

With the Spiders, this is all history.

Interested in adding hassle free
radar detection
to your systems?

Interested in adding hassle free radar detection to your systems?